BANPAS Showcase Winner – July 2019

We had an amazing number of entrants in the July showcase, so much talent, but this gorgeous image by Hayley Cattell was a firm favourite with everyone. Hayely’s website can be found here.

There will be no Image Contest in August, but it will be back again in September.

Did you shoot the image for the showcase or as part of a client session?

“I shoot all of my images as part of client sessions – I think that’s what makes it so special to me when I’m ever voted in one of the top three!”

What stood out to you about the image, why did you choose it for your entry?

“I adore neutral colour palettes and pale colours, but I loved this one in particular because of how snug and cute Baby looks all tucked up with the little teddy.”

Tell us about how you lit and set up the image?

“For this shot I used natural light from wide floor length windows. I use blinds over part of the window so there’s not too much light streaming through as I like to have enough shadow to see the depth of baby’s face. I swaddled Baby with a stretch wrap, then used the knitted wrap on top. A second wrap was used to drape from Baby over the edge of the basket.”

Would you like to mention any suppliers whose products or props are used in the image?

“Always! My amazingly talented mum ( knit the wraps, bonnet and gorgeous little teddy.”

What does winning the showcase mean to you?

“So much, you wouldn’t believe the smile on my face right now! I can’t begin to put into words how thankful I am that any of the other talented photographers here would be voting my image.”

What other elements of your BANPAS membership do you enjoy most?

“The fantastic monthly content, but mainly the wonderful and ongoing support and help that’s always readily available.”

How long have you been shooting professionally?

“I’ve been shooting professionally for over 7 years, and working for myself for 5 years now. I actually fell in love with, but mainly stumbled across, photography when I was around 16 years old. It was mainly by accident, I actually fell ill and was unable to start college when I was supposed to. With more spare time on my hands than anyone knows what to do with, I came across the old photo sharing website, Flickr, and just totally fell in love with it from there!”

Where do you work from?

“I work from my home studio in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.”

What are your best selling/most popular products?

“My most popular item to sell are digital images – but what I think makes mine special and my clients really love them is that I also provide a gorgeous little linen album with any USB of all images. I think it’s so important for clients to walk away with a beautifully printed, physical product! Everybody seems to purchase that, but my next best selling product would then probably be one of my 24 x 24″ multiple aperture frames.”

What photography training have you undertaken and why?

“I’ve had 1:1 newborn posing and safety training, as well as in-person and online workshops. I don’t think you ever stop learning, and it’s so important when first starting out to get some proper training on how to safely pose those precious little babies.I also have an A-Level in photography.”

How far in advance do clients have to book and what is your booking process?

“I take bookings from my client’s 20 week scan. I can sometimes squeeze in baby’s who have already arrived depending on how busy I am, but I definitely recommend parents booking while still pregnant to guarantee availability!”

What is your favourite genre of photography?

“Newborns & Babies – 100%!”

How do you win your subjects over, that goes for any age from Newborn to adults?

“With newborns and babies, it’s always a lot of patience and perseverance. With adults, usually humour at my expense!”

We’d love you to share some customer reviews.

“We’ve been to Hayley for newborn shoots for both our daughters and have been so thrilled with the photos we’ve always booked back in for more! Hayley is lovely with babies, she is so patient even when all they seem to want to do is feed and manages to get them so relaxed to capture beautiful images that we will treasure forever. We’ve recently had a newborn shoot that we took our 2 year old along to and despite her usually being shy with strangers Hayley soon had her leaping around roaring like a lion! We recommend Hayley to all our friends. Definitely want to book a family outdoor shoot in future!”

We’d love you to show us your space?

A huge thank you to our wonderful showcase sponsors who support this competition every month!

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