BANPAS Showcase Winner – June 2019

The winner of June’s showcase is the very talented Jemma from Jemma Slater Photography, you can view more of her work here:

Below is our interview with Jemma, we were blown away to discover that Jemma has only been shooting professionally since January 2019!

Did you shoot the image for the showcase or as part of a client session?

“Yes, it was a sitter session where baby’s Mum gave me the freedom to do all the styling and I LOVED it :)”

What stood out to you about the image, why did you choose it for your entry?

“Wearing my ‘Mum’ hat I love his little face and how it captures innocence and wonderment at that age but as a photographer, I love the light in this image which is something I’ve been working hard on recently.”

Tell us about how you lit and set up the image?

“I use studio light, an Elinchrom D-lite with a 135 Octabox.”

What does winning the showcase mean to you?

“Everything! Photography is my happy place. Thank you to everyone that noticed my image!”

What other elements of your BANPAS membership do you enjoy most?

“I’m new in the business and it’s very overwhelming when you first start out. I found myself wasting so much time researching good articles to read so I could educate myself and then Banpas came into my life and saved the day. All the information is clear and concise and saves me so much time!”

How long have you been shooting professionally?

“I have been shooting professionally since January 2019 which is a huge deal because I suffered from anxiety and depression for years and never thought I’d have the confidence.

To help me focus on anything other than my own thoughts, I took up landscape and astrophotography but then fell pregnant with my third child which sadly put an end to chasing the stars in the middle of the night. When my daughter, Florence, was born I started taking pictures of her, found my passion and the rest is history…”

Where do you work from?

“I have a beautiful studio in a little village called Brockhampton in the Herefordshire countryside.”

Tell us about your goals for your business?

“I am working really hard just to put my name out there at the moment. I absolutely adore my job and I really hope my clients can feel that.”

How do you push yourself, where do you draw your inspiration from?

“I am inspired by light and how creative you can be with it and look back at artists like Rembrandt and Vermeer and how they crafted their art using light and composition. If I’m having a creative block it’s their paintings I turn to.”

What are your best selling/most popular products?

“I’m really lucky to be able to sell The Original Photoblocks, they suit my style of photography perfectly and my clients just love them.”

What photography training have you undertaken and why?

“With the technical parts of photography I’m completely self-taught but I’ve had several extensive newborn 1:1 mentoring sessions because, being a mother myself, safety is number one. I want my clients to feel confident that when they handed their baby over it was safe and that I knew what I was doing. I also recognise that newborn photography is an art and it’s much harder than it looks!”

How far in advance do clients have to book and what is your booking process?

“I’m still establishing myself and can only work part-time but I already have too much work. I find it hard to say no.
It’s easy to book, just send me an email, facebook message or give me a call and I’ll be in touch.
I prefer the personal approach and find this a better way to get to know my clients a bit before they come in for their session.”

What is your favourite genre of photography?


How do you win your subjects over, that goes for any age from Newborn to adults?

“I’ve learnt just to be myself right from the start. I’m a mum so kids are easy and funnily enough I’m camera shy so I like to make my clients feel as relaxed as possible. I’m also a perfectionist which, for the moment anyway, my clients really appreciate.”

We’d love you to share some customer reviews.

  • “Jemma is second to none – Professional, Polite, Patient & takes so much pride in her work & what she does. Everything is to such a high standard! Can’t recommend enough – Oliver”
  • “Jemma is an amazing photographer. Absolutely love our little girls’ newborn photos and with her brother and sisters. Jemma handled our little girl with love, care and patience. Would highly recommend. Claire xxx”
  • “Absolutely loved every minute of my experience with Jemma. I trusted her with my little boy right from the start just from her welcoming and kind personality! She was so patient with my little boy and got some amazing shots! Will be coming back with all my future children and I would highly recommend! Can’t thank Jemma enough! – Chloe”

What else can you tell us about you and your business?

“I specialise in newborn, maternity and baby photography and view it a privilege to capture such special times in a persons life.”


A huge thank you to Jemma, everyone that entered last month AND our wonderful Showcase Sponsors!

C41’s Photo Imaging

Yellow Sprout

LSP Actions By Lemon Sky

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