September 2019 Supplier Feature – Artpack

August’s supplier feature is Artpack who specialise in packaging for photographers along with gift cards and vouchers. Artpack is run by Julie Emmett. Julie, who is a photographer, started Artpack in 2016 after she realised that she was so much more excited by packaging her clients products than taking their photos. As a member you can find out how to claim your offer

Artpack’s website and be found here:

“I offer customised packaging for photographers as well as gift cards and vouchers.”

What makes your services/products unique?

“My customers can order small quantities and their¬† photo packaging can be created to look exactly as they would like it.¬† I work very closely with each customer to make sure they are happy and getting what they envisioned. I want to make the whole process as easy and uncomplicated as possible and a pleasant experience for them so when they get their photography packaging they are excited to use it and enjoy the idea of having the freedom to be a part of the creative process.”

What is the exclusive discount that you’ll be offering to Members?

“Each customer will get a free 5 pack of Thank You Cards with their order and will be entered into a draw for a prize at the end of the week.”

If you sell props what is your biggest seller?

“My biggest sellers are USBs in mini drawstring bags and gift cards.”

“I love photography and enjoyed 10 years of it but when I started to realise that I was more excited to create and design the packaging for my customers photos than actually taking them I knew it was time to pursue this. It had never occurred to me that I could make a career out of it and 3 years later I still love every single moment of it! Following your passion really is where you should be pouring all your energy into and that is exactly what I do for all my customers.”

“Your logo says so much about you and I love to see and work with them, because I don’t get to meet my customers I feel I get a small insight into what they are like from the colours and designs they choose.”

“Excellent quality products, fast service and happy to help with individual requests. Cannot recommend highly enough. Will definitely be using Artpack for my photography packaging every time!” – Faye Collins


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