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Bookings Calculator

Do you know how many bookings you need to have in your diary before you start to make a profit?

Once you know what you’re aiming for, you have a starting point to plan your marketing strategy, set your pricing, know how much upselling you need to do.

Our easy to use Bookings Calculator will show you exactly how many bookings you need per year/month to break even.

Safety Videos

Safety shouldn’t be a secret.

You shouldn’t need to jump through hoops – this information should be freely available to every single photographer who works with babies.

We created this in depth course for newborn and baby photographers and it covers absolutely everything you should know or consider if you work with newborns.

Posing Card

Our members have access to posing cards that are packed with detailed information – each written by a different specialist newborn trainer, covering popular poses including:

Froggy  ~  Head In Hands  ~  Huck Finn  ~  Parents  ~  Posing Pod  ~  Taco  ~  Tushie

Along with posing instructions, each card shows how to get more angles – and therefore images to sell to clients – from each pose.

You can download one of these cards free today!

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