January 2020 Supplier Feature – PolicyBee

This months supplier feature is PolicyBee who are specialist professional indemnity and business insurance brokers. Their offer will be running from the 20th to the 26th January 2020.

Why do photographers need insurance? And what insurance do photographers need?

We’re PolicyBee, a professional insurance broker for photographers of all kinds.

Years of dealing with photographer’s business insurance claims has taught us a thing or two about the risks photographers face. It means we’re pretty well placed to tell you what those risks are and what insurance protects you from them.

For ease and speed, we’ll break it down into four main areas: what you do, where you do it, what you use to do it and who you do it with.

What you do

If you’re paid to do a job, you’re a professional. Being a professional means you have something called a ‘duty of care’ – a legal and moral expectation to do a better job than a non-professional.

Breaching your duty of care means clients and others can claim against you if they say you’ve made a mistake or haven’t done what was asked. For example, for the cost of reshooting a family’s baby pics on location, compensating a client because you accidently wiped their photos, or defending accusations you’ve copied someone else’s work.

The time, money and legal know-how you need to deal with these things – regardless of whether you’re at fault or not – is covered by photographer’s professional indemnity insurance. Your policy pays to fight your legal corner and picks up the tab for any compensation, too.

What you do it with

It doesn’t take an insurance expert to know that looking after delicate photography equipment is entirely necessary. Worst-case scenario, replacing it in one go is time-consuming, expensive (tot it all up – you’ve probably spent more than you think) and puts a stop on your business.

So, insuring it all is entirely necessary, too. However, a standard home and contents policy won’t do – you need business insurance that covers commercial property in your studio, and anything you take out and about. That way you get specialist, photographer-specific cover for specialist, photographer-specific circumstances.

Where you do it

We’ve all heard the ghastly cliché ‘where’s there’s blame there’s a claim’. Problem is, like most clichés, it’s true.

If your business is responsible for hurting someone or damaging someone’s property, whether that’s in your studio or somewhere else, you could find an aggrieved finger pointing in your direction. That means a claim against you for negligence and a bill to fix what’s broken.

All these things are covered by photographer’s public liability insurance, including the legal costs to defend you and the compensation you have to pay.

Who you do it with

If you employ someone, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement.

This is the case if your extra pair of hands is full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary, paid or unpaid, casual or regular. In short, if you’re responsible for someone else’s health and safety, you’re an employer.

The HSE sets the law on employee welfare. If you want to avoid the hefty £1,000-a-day fine it hands out for those in breach, read its guide for employers.

Anything else?

Yep. There’s cyber insurance for the cost of recovering from hacks and data breaches, business interruption insurance to keep you up and running if disaster strikes, personal accident insurance to help with medical bills and recruitment if you’re injured… the list goes on.

The good thing is, we know about this stuff so you don’t have to. Our partnership with the Baby and Newborn Partnership Network means you get priceless advice from a friendly expert, and 10% off your professional indemnity insurance too.

For a quote, visit policybee.co.uk/banpas or call 0345 222 5370.

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