Landing Pages And How Photographers Can Use Them

If you’re thinking ‘what the heck’s a landing page and why do I need one?’, read on to find out why using an amazing landing page can help you generate more enquiries for your photography business.

It’s tempting to just hand our your URL when you’re asked for your web address.  The URL would usually take visitors to your home page, which will work fine in certain situations.  But it’s far better if you have the option to direct specific people to a specific landing page.  Landing pages are just hidden pages on your website.  Visitors can only ‘land’ on them by following a specific link.

There’s no limit to the number of landing pages you can have on your website and it makes total sense to have different landing pages for different audiences.

Landing Pages for FACEBOOK

It’s sensible to use a landing page to send people from your Facebook page to your website.  Firstly, think about how your clients use Facebook.  Most people find Facebook pages because they see a tagged image on a friends feed, they ask for recommendations or use Facebook search.  Or they might be long time followers of your page and want to find out more.  The important thing here is they aren’t quite cold leads.  They’ve also come to you via a very conversational platform.  They are likely to be wanting to find out more information so that they can book.

Consider how you’d greet an acquaintance when you design this landing page.  A friendly tone that says ‘hey, I’m glad you popped in to visit me’ is going to hit the spot. You might want a picture of yourself or even a very short video.  And you want to give them some shortcuts to the type of information they might want. Try, ‘I’m glad you popped over today, let me show you some of the sessions I have available in the coming weeks’.  Then add quick links to information pages on your most popular sessions and how to book them.

Landing Pages for GOOGLE

Your Google Business listing will generate visitors to your website in a slightly different way to Facebook.  Visitors who find you on google either know exactly who they are looking for (they’ve googled your name).  Or they’re looking for a photographer and you came up in the search.  For those who googled your name, you don’t really need to worry.  These visitors will arrive at your landing page and immediately click to the information they need.  Concentrate writing your landing page for the people who found you through a keyword search.

For these visitors, this might be the first time they have encountered you so greet them with a testimonial.  This is important to help reassure them.  ‘Thank you for visiting today, you’re in the right place’ followed by a glowing review is a great approach to take.  Try and use testimonials that refer to how your client found you and why they chose you.  If you don’t have any, ask for some.

As your landing page scrolls down, include links to where you’d like your visitor to go to next. I’d suggest information pages on the different types of sessions as that is very likely what they have arrived for.


If you create a landing page for your offers or mini sessions you know that everyone visiting that page is interested in the offer. Bonus, right!  So have a think about the things that are likely to make them want to book.  The landing page should definitely have some great images of the end result.  We’re talking images of the sessions, the set and the products available.  A testimonial from a previous mini session or special offer client will also help you massively.

The final piece in the jigsaw is scarcity.  People always need a reason to book so give them limited time or a gift if they book today.  Make sure your landing page includes these offers.  It’s really helpful to have automated booking set up to make it as easy as possible for clients to check availability and make a booking online.  Using something like Acuity  will make your life super easy when it comes to converting visitors to paying clients on your landing page.


Using a landing page for an online directory listing has a couple of benefits.  Firstly, using a specific landing page in this way helps you track the traffic from the directory.  Just make sure you track the stats for that particular page in Google Console. This will also help you make improvements to your listing over time because you will see an increase or decrease in traffic after you make changes.

Secondly, if a visitor clicks your directory listing, you can assume they are interested in finding out more.  Consider the information they already have from seeing the listing and what else they might need.  They are likely to want to see more images because there is rarely enough space on directory listings.  They might also want to see some testimonials if there are no reviews attached to your listing.  Give them easy links to the places on your website that you’d like them to visit next.

All of our members have a directory listing included in their subscription so make sure you are benefiting from yours.

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