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Network 6

[Share an article of local good news – you’ll find this scanning through local pages – make sure you are following plenty of them to

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Network 5

I know lots of my clients run small businesses just like I do and I’d love to feature you all on future posts or blogs. 

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Network 4

I see so many new parents in my studio and one of the main topics of conversation during sessions is ‘where are all the local

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Network 3

I follow [local business] and he/she/they post some fabulous information about [topic] on their social media.  I thought this was definitely worth a share [share

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Network 2

We have some fabulous activities and facilities for families right on our doorstep.  One of my favourites is [name a place and talk a little

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Network 1

I love our local business community in [name your location]. here’s some local business that I think you’ll love – go give them a follow,

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Knowledgeable 7

One of my favourite parts of my job is creating new sets and themes.  A lot of work happens behind the scenes when I’m working

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Knowledgeable 6

Do you wish you could take better pictures of your children?  Here’s one tip that will make a huge difference to your family snaps using

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Knowledgeable 5

Shooting on location as often as I do means I have extensive knowledge of our local area. [go into detail on the geography/location if you

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Knowledgeable 4

Apart from my family [or insert the think you’re most proud of], my business is the thing I’m most proud of.  When clients tell me

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Knowledgeable 3

This week I helped a client choose some incredible wall art for her home.  You might not realise that when I create your portraits I

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Knowledgeable 2

It makes my week when I wake up to amazing testimonials from clients like this one [share client review/testimonial]

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Knowledgeable 1

I recently completed some training in [describe any technical training you’ve done such as editing, lighting, etc].  The photography industry is always developing, trends come

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Conversation Starter 3

Lots of people don’t realise that photographers need to [talk about a skill which is hidden such as editing, marketing, organisation etc].  What skill do

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Inspirational/Funny 7

Use one of your own images that illustrates this quote.  Canva is brilliant for creating templates that you can easily edit. You can increase engagement

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Inspirational/Funny 6

Use one of your own images that illustrates this quote.  Canva is brilliant for creating templates that you can easily edit. You can increase engagement

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Inspirational/Funny 5

Use one of your own images that illustrates this quote.  Canva is brilliant for creating templates that you can easily edit. You can increase engagement

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Hi, I'm Helen

I’ve been running small businesses for over 20 years. Over that time I’ve developed a unique skill set which allows me to:

My experience in the field of sales and marketing for newborn and baby photography has seen me work with thousands of photographers, worldwide, to grow their businesses.  I’m the industry’s best kept secret.  I’m passionate about small businesses.  I really care and if I’m working with you – you’ll feel me on your team like a huge uplifting force. 

But I understand not everyone can invest in premium mentoring.  That’s why I created the network.  The Baby & Newborn Photography Network gives you access to my unique sales and marketing support from just $3.99 per month

What my members say

Despite having 15 years senior marketing experience, I still find my membership so insightful and helpful. Each month there’s new content to help me, from specifics like support during hard times to general getting started marketing fundamentals. I couldn’t be with out it.

Sara Brown
Rocking Horse Photography
My membership has been instrumental in keeping me sane - I am with another business mentor who I pay lots of money to for the year and the support I have received here from Helen has just been another level and worth so much more than the membership I pay.. She has kept me feeling positive, inspired and motivated to continue in my business. Thanks so much
Nicole Whyte
J'Adore Photography
Running your own business can be really lonely, but I feel uplifted and part of a team when I read through Helen's marketing materials and live videos. It's really good knowing that I have a support team working for me in the background. I couldn't have hoped for more - thank you
Janet Penny
Hushabye Photography
My Membership gives me a support system. It makes me feel like I’m not doing this alone. There’s so many photography groups to be a part of but nothing offers the type of advice and tools that this one does. Thanks Helen. Your service is invaluable.
Sarah Bertram
Sweet Pea Photography

Standard membership

Business Listing

You’ll get a business listing on our popular parent facing directory


Marketing Tools

The monthly marketing bundle gives you brilliant marketing actions you can take each month.  There’s inspiration for blog topics, social media posts and specific strategies to grow your audience

Industry Discounts

Access exclusive discounts from worldwide suppliers.  There are discounts on everything you use from props and equipment through to software, actions, graphics and insurance

image contest

You’ll also get free entry to our monthly image contest with the winners featuring across our social media and websites.

All for $3.99 per month

This level of membership is perfect for you if you want to raise your profile and just need a few pointers in the right direction each month.  The savings you’ll make on purchases using your discount will far outweigh the monthly cost!

need more?
premium might be for you

everything in standard

You’ll get access to all of the benefits of standard membership plus a host of premium benefits too

private facebook group

This is where you’ll get daily direct access to solutions specific to your business.  Need help wording an email or have a question about pricing – this is the place to ask

Discounted 1-2-1

If you are struggling with a specific issue or want to work on a strategy in private?  Premium members can book highly discounted 1-2-1 sessions with me.  

Live Broadcasts

Members tell me the regular live broadcasts inn my private Facebook Group are invaluable.  I cover hot topics and give you easy actionable tasks

marketing plans

I’ll suggest marketing plans and strategies and we’ll work through them together in my private Facebook Group.  I’ll help you every step of the way to get results

premium training courses

Want to get better at IPS?  Or learn how to manage mini sessions better?  I release quarterly advanced courses  to my premium group.

all for $49 per month

This level of membership is perfect for you in you are serious about pushing your business forward.  You need strategies that work and are able to invest the time needed.

Not ready to join us yet?

I totally get that, when you’re starting or growing a business, it can be overwhelming deciding how to move forward.  If you leave your email below, I’ll send you an invitation to my open Facebook group where you can see how The Baby & Newborn Photography Network can support you

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