February 2020 Supplier Feature – Picture Perfect Photoshop Training

This month, all be it a little late, we are featuring Picture Perfect Photoshop Training, it’s run by Sarah Crombie and was set up in 2012. Sarah offers photoshop training globally, along with one to one mentoring, group mentoring, video tutorials and photo editing services!

You can contact Sarah via her email: sarah@rememberwhenphotography.co.uk 

Or through her website: Picture Perfect Photoshop Training

Below we interview Sarah on her business and what makes her service unique.

“I think I’m unique because of my range of background with photoshop. I first began using photoshop in 2008 drawing property elevations for concept design. Then I used Photoshop solely as a design platform for my printing business (I designed Art in photoshop and sold them framed). Then I took a few courses and started offering editing services to the general public in restoring their images. Then I became a photographer and learnt more about photo editing in depth, then I started offering a photo editing service to photographers worldwide (I’ve been doing that since 2012). So basically I can edit from a photographers perspective, and also a designers perspective, which I think is equally important, especially when working with conceptual art.”

Sarah’s offer is running the from the 2nd to the 8th of March 2020 only, she will be offering a fabulous 30% off entry to her mentoring group. This is 30% discount on a one off membership fee! To claim this offer please contact Sarah on her email list above.

This mentoring group is for amatuers wanting to get to grips with editing and photoshop and also for professionals wanting to refine their editing skills. Sarah regularly posts video tutorials on the following:

  • Her workflow in Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Lighting and colour balance
  • Backdrop extends (minor and major)
  • Headswaps/Faceswaps
  • Working with Digital Backdrops
  • Backdrops and blanket creases etc
  • Baby skin (acne, flakes, blotchyness, redness, jaundice etc)
  • Puppet Warp Liquify
  • Composites (Froggy, Potato etc)
  • Digital Blanket Tutorial and much more….

Here are a couple of reviews from Sarah’s customers:

I have learnt so much from Sarah, she has a wealth of knowledge with Photoshop and explains things in such a way that it’s really easy to understand, I can now do things I could only dream of doing in photoshop, with ease.” (Anna Murray – Photoshop Trainee)

“Sarah is brilliant! She did an amazing job with some images that I was finding tricky. She also managed to completely rescue a photograph for me where I had made a huge mistake in using an unsuitable backdrop. I will be using Sarah’s services again and thoroughly recommend her.” (Claire McIlvenna – Editing Client)

Really the best was of understanding how talented Sarah is with photoshop is to show you some of her images before and after!




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