Safety Awareness Certificate

Since we began supporting photographers working with newborns back in 2014, right up to the present day, we have always strongly believed that safety information for photographers should be free.

The newborn photography industry continues to be an unregulated industry with no governing body. We have always taken the view that no one organisation can regulate the industry in any way – how would that work? How would anyone know that the safety measures that photographers have been taught and shown are actually being implemented during sessions?

True, meaningful regulation of the industry would involve unannounced visits from an inspectorate body and a whole host of red tape – something that would probably be overkill and almost impossible to organise. There is no one calling on photographers to make sure that the safety measures they say they take are actually being carried out in practice.

For these reasons, we have never offered ‘compliance’ or ‘accreditation’ or ‘approval’ to any of our subscribing members. The team here at The Baby & Newborn Photography Network can never publicly say any of their members are guaranteed to be working safely.

However, what we can say, hand on heart, is any safety information we provide will always be free and accessible to all – not just to our paying members.
A few years ago we invested in creating some safety awareness training. The training is delivered by Cass Davies, a leading UK newborn photographer who has trained countless photographers.  You can find out more about Cass HERE

Our introduction to safety training is available for all – completely free and gives you a great insight into working safely with newborns, babies and children in your studio (or home studio). It provides viewers with an overview of all aspects of safety considerations when photographing newborns and babies; from working with loose fibres and the hazards they present, serving drinks, choosing what to wear as well as why certain poses should only ever be shot as composites.

Once you have access to the training videos, you can choose whether you watch them or not. You could choose to watch all the videos and then not implement any of what we’ve shown you – the same as you could do for any training course you watch or attend. You could even skip ahead without watching any of the videos and simply download the certificate we include.

Our certificate states that you have completed online training on ‘An Introduction To Safety Awareness for Photographers’ because we know watching our videos is just the beginning. This introduction to safety will trigger lots of learning points for you that you will want to explore further.

What it doesn’t say is that you work safely – we can’t issue you a certificate confirming that you work safely, because we just don’t know that you do.

We have zero control over what you do with the information contained within the training. We do know though that photographers who do implement safety within their working practices will naturally give a better, safer client experience. And better client experience always leads to more bookings so it makes sense on every level for you to take safety seriously.

So make some time each day for the next week or so watch our free safety awareness training. It might be the most important thing you’ve ever done for your business.

You can read more and sign up to watch the videos HERE

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