Image Contest Winner – September 2019

After a break in August for the Image Contest it was so exciting to see so many people enter the image contest when it returned in September. First place was won by Tianna J Williams Photography. Tianna is no stranger to this competition as she placed 1st in April and 2nd in May of this year.

If you’d like to see more of Tianna’s work her website can be found below:

Tianna J Williams Photography

Did you shoot the image for the showcase or as part of a client session?

“This session was for myself really, I wanted to shoot maternity with a cultural influence.”

What stood out to you about the image, why did you choose it for your entry?

“I adored it in colour, but there was something strong, spiritual and powerful about the black and white image that took my own breath away.”

Tell us about how you lit and set up the image, do you use natural or studio light?

“I use studio light, elinchrom D-Lite 1 modified with an elinchrom 135cm Octa which is placed camera right.”

Would you like to mention any suppliers whose products or props are used in the image?

“I used Creativity Backgrounds in Seal Grey for the background although how it is lit and retouched gives it the appearance that it is black.”

What does winning the showcase mean to you?

“Winning this showcase means everything. It means that I am creating work that is loved by others as much as I do. It is hard to stand out when there are so many incredible photographers sharing their work so knowing that they love mine really does humble me.”

What other elements of your ‘The Baby & Newborn Network’ membership do you enjoy most?

“I love the community, the support, advice and tips to make our businesses better. I am just getting used to the new forum and website and its fantastic!”

How long have you been shooting professionally and where did your love of photography come from?

“I have been shooting professionally for 2.5 years now. Like many others, I fell in love with photography by photographing my own daughter when she was a baby. I got sucked into the photography world and I have been a lover (addict) of photography since.”

Where do you work from, (ie home or studio) and where are you based?

“I currently work from home, in Smethwick but I am potentially on the move to a studio!”

Tell us about your goals for your business

“Have a premises and continue to strive for advance bookings and repeat customers.”

How do you push yourself, where do you draw your inspiration from?

“I think to myself, would I rather regret a missed opportunity or go for it and see what happens? My strongest inspiration is Lola Melani, her work is what I aspire to. I also love Lindsay Adler’s work! There are a number of other photographers who incorporate strong, proud colours with their culture in their art which is amazing!”

What are your best selling/most popular products?

“I have just sold a 36×24 Fine Art Framed Print from Photech Frame and Print. It is incredible!”

What photography training have you undertaken and why?

“I have had a fair amount of training! I have trained in lighting with Gary Hill a few times which was a turning point for me. I have also done newborn training with a few other talented and well known photographers but the maternity training I had back in March 2018 really did confirm for me that maternity is my favourite.”

How far in advance do clients have to book and what is your booking process?

“I recommend clients book as early as possible, though I occasionally have last minute availability. Usually, clients enquire via my website and we discuss over the phone their pregnancy and expectations as well as session details, packages and wall art.”

What is your favourite genre of photography?

“Definitely has to be Maternity!”

How do you win your subjects over, that goes for any age from Newborn to adults?

“I think they love the images that they see, I also try to learn more about the client, build up a relationship with them. Being a midwife, I am proud of that and so I think it helps clients to feel more comfortable and relaxed. They are always impressed by my knowledge and support that I give them, which is like value isn’t it?”

We’d love you to share some customer reviews.

“The best maternity and newborn photographer with such an amazing talent. Her creativity and work never ceases to amaze everyone and she never disappoints! – A, White. What a lovely experience we had with Tianna. I can’t wait for her to photograph my children as they grow. We love our prints and would entirely recommend her services. On a personal note to you Tianna….. How special it must be to capture these little souls as they join us on Earth, your talent and patience is amazing! Parents like us will remember you throughout their lives, esp when we show our kids these photos in 20 odd years time. My point is the work you do, isn’t just about taking pics. It’s much more magical than that xxxx. – S, Pall-Singh. Tianna is an amazing photographer and I totally love her work. We are so happy with the photos and they have given us memories to cherish forever. She made us feel so welcome and was so patient with us throughout the shoot. She knew exactly how she wanted to capture all my Sons images and worked so hard to get the best poses. I highly recommend her work to anyone and I am so grateful to her x” – K, Ajimal.

What else can you tell us about you and your business?

“I am excited to announce that I was awarded the RISE International Rising Photographer of The Year 2019 with my maternity image! Which is such an exciting achievement! To have International recognition gives me so much joy and to be judged by incredible artists was a fantastic experience. I am very passionate about culture and so when clients opt to include elements of their culture in their sessions, I feel so honoured to be a part of cultural legacy.

I encourage clients to rediscover themselves, within my maternity photography. It is such a huge, monumental time in a woman’s life with so much change to come. It is about creating memories but being present in photographs, showing their baby how much they loved them before they met. That is powerful. You are never pregnant twice with the same baby and so that time demands to be captured forever. I am led by my clients, I encourage them to tell me what they like and we work together to create their portraits. As a registered nurse and midwife, you can rest assured they are in safe, competent hands at all times. My focus is on my clients, empowerment and encouragement are my main priorities for maternity clients. Many often return for newborn photography, which is like adding chapters to the story of their family. I am overjoyed to capture their history in the making, they’ll be surprised how quickly it goes by.”



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