Things Are Changing Around Here

If you are in our Facebook group you will have noticed us talking about some changes we’re making.  If you’re not in our Facebook group, why not!?  Join us here

Change can be amazing – but it can also be unsettling so we want to keep you in the picture (no pun intended!) over the next few weeks.

We are constantly looking at ways to serve you better.  Baby and newborn photography is a fairly new genre, really taking off in popularity over the past five years.  This means the business landscape is constantly changing and we are really proud that we have no fear in changing along with it.

Firstly BANPAS stands for the Baby & Newborn Photography ASsociation.  We inherited this name from when BANPAS was actually a photography association but we don’t have much in common with the business we were 5 years ago.  We definitely don’t offer the things you would expect an association to offer such as accreditation or qualifications.  There are some great associations which fill this need perfectly already, but the photographers who join us are looking for something different.  So the first thing changing is our name – we’ll be known as the Baby & Newborn Photography Network.


Why ‘Network’?

We truly believe we are better together.  One thing we can’t stand is the bitching and backbiting side of our industry which does sadly exist.  The scorn which is sometimes aimed at newbies, the cliques that make you feel like an outsider and the critique you didn’t ask for that really knocked your confidence. This can be demoralising to new photographers and tiring for experienced ones.  It’s really important to us that we’ve never allowed the ‘mean girl attitude’ to exist in any of our groups.  We are more like a family – we love the connection we make with our members. We love seeing our members collaborating, sharing ideas and advice and our experienced members nurturing our newer members – and we want more of the same.  Because we’re better together.

We’ve spent a ton of time over the past few years getting to really understand our members – the majority of you struggle with managing your time, your family commitments and all the hard work that running a business brings.  The majority of you are stressed at the ‘feast or famine’ roller coaster of booking in clients.  And lots of you struggle with feeling confidence – in your work and in being an entrepreneur.  Many of you don’t even feel like a ‘real’ business owner at all.

We know that we’re in the best position to support you through all of this so you hit the floor running each day.  And for this reason we’re changing.  Changing to support you.

If you are already a member, we promise to keep you up to date with our exciting changes over the next few weeks in our group and via our newsletter.

If you’re not a member yet, have a look at the benefits you can access for just $3.99 per month


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